Charity Evaluation

We recognize that charity evaluation may not be the most scintillating of topics for most observers. That said, we are constantly searching for ways to help givers navigate a crowded marketplace, and to make this often-complex subject a tad more interesting.

In the following Top 10 Lists, we identify those charities in our database that meet certain desirable or undesirable patterns of performance. As with all of our ratings of charities, the inclusion of each charity in this list is based entirely on whether or not it matched the criteria we defined for the list. In other words, we included charities based on how they performed financially, not on our subjective opinions of those charities.

Top 10 Lists

10 Most Commented Charities
10 Least Reviewed Charities with High Ratings
10 Highly-Rated Charities with Low Paid CEOs
10 Charities Overpaying their For-Profit Fundraisers
10 Charities Drowning in Administrative Costs
10 of the Best Charities Everyone's Heard Of
10 Highly Rated Charities Relying on Private Contributions
10 Charities Routinely in the Red
10 Charities Expanding in a Hurry
10 Charities in Deep Financial Trouble

Suggested Charities

Koins for Kenya

Koins for Kenya builds a bridge across the world to offer educational opportunities where there are none. Rural Africans long for a chance to overcome the abject poverty that has held them hostage for generations. Since 2003 KFK has provided ways for caring Americans to actively engage with rural Kenyans to provide countless educational opportunities.

St. Baldrick's Foundation

St. Baldrick's is the world's largest volunteer-driven fundraising event for childhood cancer research. Thousands of volunteers shave their heads in solidarity of children with cancer, while requesting donations of support from friends and family.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an organization that strives to provide mentors to all children who need caring adult role models: special friends who can help expand their horizons, realize their potential and enrich their futures - changing their lives.

The First Tee - San Diego

To impact the lives of young people by providing learning facilities and educational programs that promote character development and life-enhancing values through the game of golf.

Article by James Catledge.